The ATSym held the first Sydney Young Member social evenings on the 23rd of August to help foster the professional network between these projects and in the greater Sydney area. This first social meeting forms part of the wider strategy from ATS and ATSym to increase the visibility of the ATS brand and the broader tunnelling community.

The ATSym are looking to ensure that the best and brightest are looking to build a tunnel rather than a high rise or bridge.

A total of 76 people attended the event including 25 undergraduate students indicating the strong interest from the next generation of prospective tunnellers. The evening was an informal meeting of young professionals including undergraduates, recent graduates, young engineers and more senior experienced engineers. Even though it was a Tuesday night there was a strong representation from the three Sydney projects (Westconnex Stage 1, Stage 2 and Northconnex), as well as a number of other practicing tunnel engineers, from both the design and construction side.

The night was a great success with many new friendships made across projects and across generations. The ATSym would like to thank the five sponsors of the evening Elasto Plastic Concrete (EPC), CPB Contractors (Tunnelling), Hilti, Transurban and Bamser.

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If you would like to become a young member or have ideas on how to continue to engage the next batch of tunnellers, send a mail to

Who are the ATSym?

  • ATSym is a subcommittee of the Australasian Tunnelling Society
  • Young Members are considered to be 35 years and under
    ATSym has representatives across the Australian Eastern seaboard, as well as a position on the ATS national executive
  • The ATSym National Representative also represents Australasian interests at the flourishing peak international body for young tunnellers, the ITAym
  • ATSym are tasked with ensuring that the knowledge of the collective “grey haired” tunnelling community is able to be passed on to a new generation of professionals to ensure the collective improvement and development of the industry