The ATS Young Members (ATSym) are looking to pick up on an initiative started by the British Tunnelling Society Young Members (BTSym) in 2015, namely a National Tunnel Day. The day is proposed to be in line with the current UK date (the 1st Thursday in December) which is closely aligns with the official date of St Barbara’s Day (December 4th).

The idea is to promote the industry by sharing some of the achievements (both current and historic) of the broader tunnelling industry across social media, mainstream media, and if possible with open days/site visits. If nothing else, the day will provide a fantastic opportunity for the entire Australian tunnelling community to show off some of the incredible work that has been completed underground, but remains largely unseen by the general public.


The hope is that National Tunnel Day this quickly becomes a staple in the calendar and is taken up by contractors, designers, consultants and client organisations, giving the industry it’s day in the sun!   Please share the flyers and remember to use the hashtag #TunnelDayOZ where ever and whenever you can!

Happy Tunnelling

ATSym Subcommittee