The Tunnelling Society has developed over the 38 years of operations as the focus of the group has shifted to keep pace with developments in industry and activity. Initially the group started as part of the Australian Geomechanics Society in 1970 with the Symposium on Raise and Tunnel Boring and has continue to evolve as the tunnelling industry has matured locally. In 2006 the Tunnelling Society’s scope extended to include New Zealand as part of the group.

With the recent increase in tunnelling operations in New Zealand, the need for a local committee has become evident. The New Zealand Tunnelling Society has recently been established and at the recent World Tunnelling Congress held in Dubai, New Zealand was readmitted to the ITA as a member nation. Congratulations to the NZTS Chair Bill Newns and the New Zealand committee and we hope to look forward to encouraging strong collaboration across the Tasman Sea with the two committees currently in the process of developing a Memorandum of Understanding to solidify the ongoing collaborative working arrangement between ATS and NZTS.

The Australasian Tunnelling Journal will be renamed The Australia and New Zealand Tunnelling Journal to reflect the revised structure.

In line with this latest revision, the local committee has been renamed the Australian Tunnelling Society.

Visit the New Zealand Tunnel Society website to keep up with developments in New Zealand tunnelling.