Australian Tunnelling Society and Climate Change

The Australian Tunnelling Society (ATS) is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia. In June 2019 Engineers Australia released a draft Climate Change Position Statement, to update the present position statement which was published in 2014.

ATS QLD chapter has reviewed the draft position statement and on behalf of the National Committee has made a submission.

The Draft Position Statement’s preamble states:

“The science is compelling. We need to get on with policy and technical solutions. The best available evidence shows that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities is the main cause of Earth’s climate change over the past century. Dealing with the climate change emergency requires action on two key areas that engineers, society and governments must address together: mitigation and adaptation.”

“We are pleased to see the draft position statement published and we commit to support its content. The climate crisis is the critical challenge of our times that engineers of all disciplines must address” said ATS President Ed Taylor.

“Construction including tunnelling plays a huge part in our energy and resource consumption together with environmental depletion and waste contributing to significant Greenhouse Gas (CO2) emissions. We can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and lessen environmental impacts through the decisions we make on a daily basis as engineers.

“The immediate future is to work with all stakeholders on tunnelling projects together so that we can develop, design and construct projects in a more sustainable and environmental way and I urge all our members to play a part in achieving these goals” said Ed Taylor.