Project Description

The Boggo Road Busway and Eastern Busway project is located in the city of Brisbane, Australia. It is a 2km long dedicated public transport link connecting the Eastern and Southern Busway corridors to the University of Queensland via the existing Eleanor Schonell Bridge. The project was delivered through the Boggo Road Busway Alliance, a partnership between Queensland Transport (Owner), Thiess Pty Ltd (Builder), and Sinclair Knight Merz (Designer).

The alignment required the construction of a 430m long driven tunnel beneath the heritage-listed Boggo Road Jail and Dutton Park, with cut and cover tunnels at both ends. The driven tunnel has a horseshoe-shaped profile with a final excavated width of 15m at the spring line and a height of 8m. The initial 120m of tunnel beneath the jail has a relatively shallow ground cover of 5m to 8m depth to top of crown, when considering the width of the tunnel.