Project Description

The Bondi Junction Turnback Tunnel project was one of the first projects to be awarded in the NSW Government’s $1 billion new “Rail Clearways Plan” which will separate the CityRail Sydney suburban network into five major clearway routes by 2010. The program of 15 capital works projects will improve reliability on the CityRail network by removing interconnections and bottlenecks.

The project involved the excavation, support and lining of a new tunnelled crossover between the mainline tunnels on the Eastern Suburbs Railway between Bondi Junction Station and Edgecliff Station. The project was complicated by the requirement to ensure minimal disruption to rail services during the majority of the 2.5 month onsite construction period. This was achieved by employing techniques such as loading tunnel spoil into spoil trains at night after rail services have ceased, and delivering concrete and shotcrete to the site via “dropholes” from the surface.The final connections into the existing tunnels occurred during a 2 week shutdown of rail services over the Christmas period, when buses replaced trains