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Please join us for a special young members tunnelling event! We have three amazing talks lined up:

Alena Conrads

Presentation: Maintenance scheduling of cutting tools in soft ground mechanised tunnelling considering uncertainties in wear prediction

Alena completed her PHD at the Institute for Tunnelling and Construction Management at the Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany, under the guidance of Prof. Thewes. Her research focused on process simulation of logistic and maintenance processes of mechanised tunnelling projects. She was also a key driver behind the founding of the German ITA young members chapter STUVE-YEP. Alena is now part of the tunnelling division of Wayss & Freytag and in October 2019 began work on the Cross River Rail project in Brisbane as an project engineer for the TBM tunnels.













Jiwoo Ahn

Presentation: Numerical modelling of the Sharaan Desert Resort

Jiwoo is a Geotechnical Engineer at PSM and has been involved in a variety civil engineering and mining projects both locally and internationally. Jiwoo is currently working on the Cross River Rail Project where he is providing construction phase design services. His presentation will focus on the numerical modelling for a luxury hotel in Saudi Arabia – The Sharaan Desert Resort.









Yunpeng Zhu

Presentation: Replicating tunnel fire conditions on concrete lining using model-scale specimens

Yunpeng is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland (UQ). His research topics are behaviours of concrete materials at elevated temperature and fire safety in the tunnel built environment. His presentation will showcase his latest research outcomes, including experimental calibration of thermal boundary conditions to the structural materials, validation of internal heating condition inside the concrete, concrete spalling at high temperature, and the associated fire protection techniques. His research aims to assist the tunnel industry in understanding the science behind the structural and fire safety codes of practice and design guidelines, so as to better inform the decision-making in all phases of the project delivery.


















The event will be a great networking opportunity and will conclude with a couple of drinks at the pub.

The event will also be streamed live online for young members located outside Queensland.