The ATSym (ATS young members) are part of a global team of young professionals who want to build the tunnels of the future. 

The ATSym National Representative also represents Australian interests at the flourishing peak international body for young tunnellers, the ITAym (International Tunnelling Association Young Members). In the past the founding ATSym National Representative (Jurij Karlovsek) has also held the position as Chair of ITAym. The current ATSym National Representative is Keith Bannerman.

Who are the ATSym?

  • ATSym is a subcommittee of the Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS)
  • ATSym are tasked with ensuring that the knowledge of the collective “grey haired” tunnelling community is able to be passed on to a new generation of professionals to ensure the collective improvement and development of the industry
  • Young Members are considered to be 35 and under
  • ATSym has representatives across the Australian Eastern seaboard, as well as a position on the ATS executive committee
  • ATSym holds social functions as part of our initiatives (Foxhole 2016, ATS2017) and regularly attend university campuses to try and answer the question “How Do I Become a Tunneller?”

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So what about ITAym?

The ITAym is the collective which helps the young member communities from across the broader ITA . We have recently developed the image below for the 2017 edition of Breakthrough, which tries to illustrate where Young Members fit in with all the other pieces of ITA. If you want to know more, please contact