Project Description

McConnell Dowell Constructors have been awarded a design and construction contract for the Bogong Hydro Power Project by AGL Southern Hydro in Victoria, in what is expected to be the largest hydropower project to be constructed in Australia in 25 years. The scope of work consists of approximately 6km of 5m-diameter headrace tunnel, two vertical shafts, a 1km steel-lined high pressure tunnel, a power station to house twin 70MW generators and a tailrace outfall into neighbouring Lake Guy

The Bogong Power Station was originally intended to be part of the overall hydroelectric development of the Kiewa Valley in Victoria, however, it was never built. Southern Hydro recognised that this presented a significant opportunity to address Victoria’s need for peaking and renewable energy generation without the requirement of constructing any new dams or harvesting of water beyond the water currently utilised in the existing Kiewa Scheme.

The Bogong Power Development Project would involve the construction of a new power station on Southern Hydro’s Junction Dam regulating pondage near Bogong village. A tunnel would also be constructed from the existing McKay Creek power station to the regulating pondage.

The project would harness the latest in renewable energy technology and existing water resources to generate 130MW of power via a new power station located near Bogong, in the Victorian High Country. The station would generate 94,000 MWh of emission free new renewable electricity each year (enough to supply approximately 18,000 Victorian Households annual electricity usage) thereby abating 122,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Water will be supplied from the McKay Creek Power Station (MKPS) via a 5.7 km long, five metre diameter tunnel from the MKPS tailrace to the new Bogong Power Station, to be constructed on the shores of Lake Guy, located at Bogong Village, Victoria.