Due to many developments in tunnel design in Australia over a period of many years, the Australian Tunnelling Society (ATS) has recognised the requirement to establish a guideline of tunnel design practice in Australia.  During the Tunnel Design Short Course in 2018 held in Melbourne, the ATS Young Members (<35 years) recognised this deficiency and suggested a Working Group to develop a best practice guideline for Australian tunnel design.  This group is supported by the ATS executive committee with the the Young Members intending to deliver this guideline through the year 2019.

Click the link below to view the Working Group’s Terms of Reference.

ATS Design Working Group Terms of Reference

This design guideline is intended to:

  • Define the fundamental principles that need to be understood in tunnel design including differences between soft-ground and hard-rock tunnelling and the relevance of the construction stage as an inherent part of the design process
  • Describe the more common approaches used in the industry and outline best practices in each area
  • Generate a forum for continued discussion and improvement in tunnel design in Australia
  • Supplement Australian Standards, International Tunnelling Association (ITA) and other design guides and codes where tunnel discipline items specific to Australian tunnel design are required.

At this stage, the Working Group is still looking for keen ATS Young Members (or to be members) to join and support the working group. Those with experience in segmental lining design are particularly encouraged to join.

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Simon Brinkmann & Aaron Lippett [ATS young member representatives]

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