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In-person and webinar

Join the ATS for this event where Acmena Senior Human Factors Advisor Dr Keryn Pauley will discuss the importance of considering Human Factors, a scientific discipline concerned with optimising environments, systems and technologies to meet the needs of human operators, in tunnel design.

Topics will include the Human Factors process, incorporation of Human Factors into the systems engineering process, the importance of early identification of end user requirements, consideration of how the tunnel will be used and maintained during normal, abnormal, degraded, and emergency scenarios, and some particular Human Factors considerations that are important during tunnel projects.

Guest speaker

Keryn Pauley – Senior Human Factors Advisor, Acmena

Dr Keryn Pauley is a Human Factors professional with more than 13 years of experience in providing system design and evaluation, risk assessment and safety management support in the rail, healthcare and aviation industries.

Previously, the Principal Human Factors Adviser for Queensland Rail, she is now a senior Human Factors Advisor with Acmena. With Acmena, Dr Pauley is consulting to CBGU Joint Venture and Unity and is the Human Factors lead for Cross River Rail Tunnels, Stations, and Development and the Rail Integration and Systems packages. Dr Pauley has a strong background in integrating Human Factors into specification, procurement, design, and implementation of complex engineering projects to ensure that user needs are successfully met.

Event timings

5.30–6.00 pm—registration and networking

6:00PM –7:00PM—presentation and webinar begin